It’s Advent! As well as opening the first door of my chocolate calendar, I wanted to do an advent challenge this year, and as you can never have too much GeoGebra in your life, I thought a GeoGebra challenge a day from now until Christmas would be a nice fun thing.

For each day of advent, I will post a challenge to complete in GeoGebra. You can share pictures or animations on Twitter (or Instagram if you prefer) using the hashtag #GeoGebrAdvent. I’m hoping people will join in to create beautiful geometrical art, improve their GeoGebra skills and share any cool and ingenious methods they come up with! The challenges are designed to get harder during the course of advent, but you are of course encouraged to attempt them at whatever level of difficulty you like, and to adapt, mix up, mash up, and let your imagination run wild – these are prompts rather than commandments.

Big thank you to Sam Hartburn and Becky Warren who gave me ideas for some of the challenges, and who are both queens of GeoGebra creativity. If you’re not already following them on Twitter, they are @SamHartburn and @becky_k_warren.

So, onto today’s challenge: Create a star. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like. It can be two dimensional or three dimensional, static or animated, coloured or monochrome. Don’t forget to share your star on social media with the hashtag #GeoGebrAdvent.

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