GeoGebrAdvent Challenges

Each day I will update this post with the next challenge. To find out what GeoGebrAdvent is all about, check out this post. To see people’s creations, look for #GeoGebrAdvent on Twitter.

December 1st: Create a star
December 2nd: Create a snowman
December 3rd: Create a snowflake with sixfold symmetry
December 4th: Create a paper chain
December 5th: Create some holly
December 6th: Make fairy lights/Christmas tree lights/holiday lights
December 7th: Create a tessellation
December 8th: Design wrapping paper
December 9th: Make a bell or some bells
December 10th: Design a ribbon or bow
December 11th: Create a wreath
December 12th: Create a Christmas tree
December 13th: Make an angel
December 14th: Make a Christmas scene using only triangles
December 15th: Christmas dinner
December 16th: Gingerbread
December 17th: Trees – not Christmas tree but wintery tree scene
December 18th: Make a Christmas card
December 19th: Create a winter scene using only circles and arcs
December 20th: Make a bauble
December 21st: Father Christmas!
December 22nd: Create a (Christmas themed) optical illusion
December 23rd: Make a shooting star
December 24th: Make a present or gift

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