Teacher Professional Development

I offer twilight, half day and full day teacher professional development workshops on a variety of topics in mathematics education. I am particularly keen to empower teachers’ confidence in helping their students to become better problem solvers and to think mathematically. If you would like to book a workshop, contact me. Read on to find out more about my workshops.

Here are just a few of the workshops I offer:

Bringing Geometry to Life – In this lively workshop, we will explore how to bring circle theorems and other geometrical ideas alive, using props such as paper plates, origami, and string… Along the way, we’ll discuss how the historical context of proof can help make this one of the most engaging parts of the maths curriculum. Suitable for teachers of Key Stages 3 and 4.

Finding the Richness – This session explores what it means for a task to be mathematically rich. Starting with a variety of resources, from old text books and past exam questions to household objects and inspiring images, we will look for the mathematical inspiration in any situation, and find the best ways to communicate an excitement about mathematics to our learners. Suitable for teachers of Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

Understanding and Teaching Proof – Teaching mathematical proof can be quite daunting, particularly for non-specialists. In this workshop, we explore what proof means at different stages of the mathematics curriculum, and I will provide you with lots of classroom ideas and resources for developing students’ reasoning skills.

I can also offer bespoke workshops based on your needs. Contact me and let me know how I can help!