Daily Lego Maths: Day 18

Here is a pattern made from red and yellow bricks.
Can you describe the pattern? What mathematical questions could you ask?

A 16 by 16 lego square made up as follows: Top right and bottom left 8 by 8 grids each made from 16 2 by 2 yellow bricks. Bottom right is another such 8 by 8 grid made in red. The top left corner of the grid is made in the same way but with two yellow and one red 4 by 4 squares, and the top left corner of that square is made by two yellow and one red 2 by 2 bricks. Finally the very top left has 1 by 1 yellows in the top right and bottom left, and a 1 by 1 red in the bottom right.

What fraction of the shape is yellow? How do you know?

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