Daily Lego Maths: Day 17

A Triomino is a shape made from three squares joined together. There are two types of triomino, a straight line and an L shape.
You can make L triominoes out of lego by putting together a 4 by 2 and a 2 by 2 brick, with the same underneath but the other way round to keep it together.

Here is an L triomino and a shape made out of L triominoes. What do you notice?

Two L shapes made out of Lego. The top L consists of a 4 by 2 brick with a 2 by 2 brick adjacent, held together with bricks underneath. The bottom L is made up of 9 such Ls, joined to make an enlargement with scale factor 3 of the original.

The L triomino is a rep-tile, which means you can make larger copies of the tile using lots of small tiles. Here are some questions to explore:
By what scale factor has the L triomino above been enlarged?
How many tiles were needed?
Can you find a way to make other enlargements of the original?
Is it possible to make an enlargement of the original using any whole number scale factor?
Can you find any other Lego rep-tiles?

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