On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…

A very tall tower

Back in April, starting to get a bit of cabin fever from lockdown, and inspired by a photo sent to me by a friend, I decided to get the Lego out and build a tower all the way up to the ceiling. The video above shows a timelapse of the build. Some questions you might wish to ponder as you watch the video:
How long did it actually take? Or alternatively, how much has the video been sped up?
How many bricks do you think I used? (If I used this as a prompt in the classroom I might ask children to tell me a number they know is definitely too low and one they know is definitely too high – giving a wrong answer is much easier than giving a right answer as there are so many more of them!)
Are there any patterns to the colours that I used?
Which colour did I use most?
How tall is the tower?
If we scaled the tower up by a scale factor to make the door big enough for a real person rather than a lego person, how tall would the tower be? How does this compare to actual skyscrapers in the real world?
If you have answers to any of these questions or a question of your own, leave a comment!

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