Daily Lego Maths: Day 28

Here are four shapes made out of Lego. Which one doesn’t belong?

Four shapes made of Lego. Top left: four 2 by 2 white blocks in a square. Top right: four 1 by 4 red blocks in a square. Bottom left: four 2 by 4 red blocks in a rectangle Bottom right: eight 2 by 1 red blocks in a square

Could you make other Lego shapes that belong in a group with some of these ones?
Could you make other groups of Lego shapes?
Could you make shapes that don’t belong in your groups?

One Reply to “Daily Lego Maths: Day 28”

  1. The white doesn’t belong as it’s not red
    The rectangle doesn’t belong because it’s not square
    The lower right doesn’t belong because it has more than 4 components
    The upper right doesn’t belong because it’s the only one I can’t rule out

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