Daily Lego Maths: Day 2

Here is the fourth pattern in a sequence made of Lego.

What do you notice?
What do you wonder?
What questions might a mathematician ask?

A pattern of Lego bricks on a grey baseboard. The pattern is made of two by two square bricks. In the top left corner is a single black brick. To the right is a white brick, and then two white bricks are immediately below the black and white. Below that there is a row of 3 blue bricks which wraps up and to the right, five blue bricks altogether. Finally there are yellow bricks on the bottom row and down the right hand side so the whole picture is four bricks by four bricks.

Can you draw or make the next pattern in the sequence?
How many bricks are there of each colour? How many bricks will you need of the next colour?

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