Maths that moves – TMiP 2023

On Thursday 31st August 2023 I was part of a panel session at Talking Maths in Public called “Maths that moves”. Here are some GeoGebra applets that illustrate some of the ideas I shared, together with links so you can access them on the GeoGebra website.

This applet demonstrates how a cycloid curve is created from the path of a point on the rim of a rolling circle. It uses the ‘Trace’ function and is animated using a slider.

A regular dodecagon (twelve-sided polygon) can be cut up and reassembled to form an L shape made from 3 squares. This animation shows how it can be done. I’ve also used GeoGebra to make the template to print out and cut up to make this a physical puzzle.

Features like tick boxes to show and hide content can be used to make environments to explore big mathematical ideas like invariance. As you move the points in this applet, what stays the same? What changes?

This applet is all about sense-making, play and prediction. Look at what happens when ‘a’ changes. Can you make sense of it? Try it with different values of ‘n’. What shapes will appear when n=11? What about when n=12? Can you explain why?

GeoGebra can be used to plot functions and manipulate them. This applet uses sine waves to demonstrate wave interference.